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Having half of our volunteers in the Foundation Move Up, being trained as football coaches, we Foundation Move Up take sports, especially football as one of our key projects.  Since the area we operate in is Mathare valley, Being the second largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Football being among the key sports that have changed most of our young people with  reducing violence, early pregnancies, and crimes.  We take the advantage of the knowledge we have, to educate young people using football as the main tool to bring them together.  

More than 60 % of the population of Mathare slums are young people.  Our girls football team is also an ambassador from our Menstrual Cup project. These girls will educate more young girls in mathare slums about hygïene and the use of a Cup and improving the environment. It is not only educating them through sports, but Mathare has a list of very good players  Since in our Kenyan football team we have a number of players from Mathare.