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Among all our projects, Wezesha Elimu is a pearl. It has everything to do with one of the main items of the foundation, EDUCATION.
We all want our children can go to school. This you need to pay for,
but then a school uniform must also be worn. And it is precisely the
school uniform that often creates a problem.
If there is damage to the uniform, or worse, if it is missing, the school
door is closed to the child concerned: NO UNIFORM, NO SCHOOL !!!!!
This is a very hard fact, especially for the poorest.

Foundation Move-Up does something about that.
There’s contact with the school first. Then it will be determined who is
eligible for renewed or new clothing. After that, the date of
presentation will be determined.
On the day of giving out uniforms or repairs there is a ceremony,
everyone and everyone is in a party mood. The street is closed off,
tents are build, there is music, there is theatre , the sewing machines
do their job and the atmosphere is fantastic.
Each child is introduced and the clothing is handed over to applause
from all those present.
Children and teachers, everyone feels happy and radiates that too.
Going to school is something special, especially for the poorest.